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About Us

Our Vision

We see hope and success for all public education institutions in meaningful collaboration and fierce competition to educate all students at maximum proficiency in a competitive school choice environment. 

Our Mission

To successfully inform public education through courageous professional leadership within an exceptional charter school; to measurably and sustainably nurture, stimulate and support all children in a safe, progressive and inquiry-based learning environment to become contributing global citizens no matter their ability or educational needs.  

What We Value: Our Students

We value the development of critical thinking and observation skills, the acquisition and in-depth understanding of civic skills and knowledge, social and emotional learning and demonstrated proficiency in all academic competencies. 

Our Approach to District-Charter Collaboration

History of Charter Schools

Learn more about the history of charter schools and how it has informed our philosophy of creating a laboratory of educational innovation that informs and collaborates with public school districts.

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Promising Best Practices

Review a report on best practices and lessons learned in district-charter partnerships from the Center on Reinventing Public Education

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Parent Pre-Enrollment Interest Form and Community Surveys

(UPDATED) Parent Pre-Enrollment Interest Form for Grades K-4 (Free)

Families with students from Dutchess, Orange and Ulster Counties are welcome to complete out pre-enrollment interest form TODAY!

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Community Input and Feedback Survey

Please click here to take our required community input and feedback survey

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Poughkeepsie City Schools Alumni & Former Student Survey

We want to hear from you! If you are an alumnus or former student of Poughkeepsie City Schools, please fill out this survey to share your insights on public education in the City of Poughkeepsie

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HVCS welcomes Resumes for the proposed 2020 School Year

**INTERESTED CANDIDATES: Please remember to complete our HVCS Community INPUT SURVEY above**

Upcoming Community Events and Key Dates

May 30, 2018: A National Webinar for Alumni & Former Students of Poughkeepsie City Schools

Wednesday May 30th 6-8pm (online webinar). Please join our public information forum to learn more about approach to transformative education and share your  invaluable input comments and suggestions


DATE CHANGED TO: August 29, 2018: HVCS Parent Pre-Enrollment Event (ONLINE)

HVCS Parent Pre-Enrollment Interest Outreach Forum August 29, 2018, Location: online in English & Spanish at thehudsonvalleycharterschool.org  at 7PM 

Foro de Pre-inscripción de alumnos para padres interesados en la Hudson Valley Charter School, Fecha: 29 de Agosto del 2018, 7pm Ubicación: A definir 

DATE CHANGED TO: AUGUST 30, 2018: Community Outreach and Input Forum

Community Based Organizations (CBO's) and Local Businesses Outreach/Input Forum AUGUST 30, 2018, Location: T.B.A. at 7PM 

UPDATED: June 26, 2018 HVCS Full Application Submitted

HVCS submitted its full proposal to the SUNY Charter Institute on June 26, 2018.  

October 2, 2018: Vassar College Presentation: Education Department - School Choice

An advance educational engagement with Vassar College students on school choice and the proposed Hudson Valley Charter School in the City of Poughkeepsie

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General Comments and Questions

Please share our enrollment website with a family member or friend.

**Please Note: 

  • The proposed Hudson Valley Charter School (HVCS) MUST solicit and respond to public outreach. We enthusiastically request your online survey feedback about our school proposal on this website. 
  • Educational design, student enrollment, staffing and grade configurations are subject to change 
  • HVCS is not affiliated with any Charter Management Organization in New York State. 
  • HVCS is Proposed to Open during the Fall of 2020

The Hudson Valley Charter School